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Subatomic Subwoofers: How crossovers and woofers can work together for great sound

April 24, 2021

Get the low-down on how subwoofers can play a vital role in both a room and the crossover technology of a loudspeaker. In a world where it is often better to be seen and not heard, the subwoofer must impact the listening environment in profound ways without overpowering the listener. But how much is too much? Join Mino Christante and Luke Zitterkopf in a discussion of the role subwoofers play in the creation of a memorable audiophile sound experience.

Mino Christante is worldwide distributor of the Aluminous Audio Gravitas Speaker System and the IVCM Isolation Vibration Component Module from Aluminous Audio. Learn more at aluminousaudio.com.

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